About the Goal Guide

What is the Goal Guide

As a certified coach, leadership development trainer and speaker, with the John Maxwell team, my passion is to help people become consciously aware and gain control of every aspect of their life. My clients have experienced explosive growth by uncovering and confronting their roadblocks. Together, we discover new paths to success. If, like most people and organizations, you feel “stuck”, perhaps an expert set of eyes and an additional pair of ears can help you find a way to move forward!
As a coach, I will help you clear the fog and become intentional about every day. We will completely identify why you think the way you think and believe the things you were programmed to believe. We will pinpoint and eliminate those pesky, self-limiting beliefs that stop you from moving forward. I will help you create a detailed blueprint for your path of success so you can pursue the life of your dreams.
As a speaker, I’m gifted at inspiring your audience. Never taking myself too seriously, we’re going to learn, get motivated and inspired, and most of all, HAVE SOME FUN!
As a trainer, my passion is in sales and personal development! After an eight year career with the Marine Corps, I grew up in B2B copier sales. They say “if you can sell a copier, you can sell anything” and they are correct! I’ve excelled from the first days of knocking on doors in Baltimore to meeting with global, Fortune 500 companies and building strong, lasting relationships with them. As a Sales Manager and Director of Sales, I’ve been extremely successful in helping sales professionals ascend to the next level and maximize their potential. I’m a firm believer in John Maxwell’s quote – “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” and have used this philosophy to build true relationships and strong teams. I’m certain that I can do the same for you!

Who is the Goal Guide

Eric Konovalov is the President of The Goal Guide Inc., a consulting firm focused on life coaching, sales training, motivational speaking, and leadership development. Eric’s passion is to help people and organizations bridge the gap between their current state and where they dream of being.  Whether improving relationships, creating a strategy for personal or professional growth, or simply discovering your dream or passion in life, Eric is equipped to help! As an intuitive leader, sales trainer, speaker, and executive coach, Eric understands what it takes to guide you and your organization to a higher level.

James Allen said “All the man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts”. Eric’s unique coaching and inspirational teaching styles have proven to help business leaders transform the way they think which has proven to cause explosive growth within organizations and on a personal level.

Born in the former USSR, Eric grew up from very humble beginnings and overcame many adversities throughout his life. When his family moved to Baltimore, MD, in 1990, Eric received his chance to make something better for himself and give back to the country that welcomed his family. After graduating from high school he joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he honorably served for eight wonderful years. Multiple times, Eric deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The life lessons learned under extreme and stressful conditions helped mold Eric into the inspirational leader he is today.

After a fulfilling eight year tour of duty, Eric started his career knocking on doors and making hundreds of phone calls in business-to-business sales. With Eric’s “never quit” mindset, he became a student of the trade. Eric quickly excelled and sales and became the top performer everywhere he went. Eric’s track record of success and leadership awarded him opportunities from managing a team of sales professionals to becoming a Director of Sales overseeing a sales force on a national level.

Due to his innate ability to connect with people, Eric excelled in small companies and large international firms. Eric’s true passion is to help people achieve their dreams, live free, and generate income by doing exactly what they love to do. As a part of giving back, Eric assists returning veterans’ transition into civilian life and speaks to underprivileged high school students about realizing their true ambitions and success in life. Helping people grow fuels Eric to do what he is so passionate about doing!