Don’t let the HOW stop you!

“Everyone who knew how to get to the moon, never left the earth” is what Paul Martinelli said during one of his training sessions which I had the pleasure to attend. In my position as a coach, I speak with many people who have ambitions to do great things, but never begin because they’re not sure HOW to do something.  It’s almost as if they freeze. I’ll give you an example from my own experience where I froze and I hope you can relate. Luckily for me I only froze for six months, some people just give up.

I have tons of great information on leadership development, personal growth, sales, and connecting with people, which I wanted to share through my blog, just like I’m doing right now! The problem was that I never had a blog before and therefore I did not know HOW to create one. For over six months I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting this information out. I was afraid of creating my blog because I didn’t know HOW. As you can see, even though I didn’t know HOW to create one when I started, I‘m fully functional with my blog today.

I’m glad that through multiple years of personal development trainings I learned how to fail forward. I understood the value of doing things poorly until I can do them better. And, I learned that just because I’ve never done something before, does not mean that I’m not capable of doing it in the future. These philosophies of mine helped me work through the discomfort to achieve my goal of owning a blog! Perhaps they can help you as well.

Think of it this way; everything you are and have today is a direct result of all the things you already know HOW to do. Therefore, in order for you to grow and become something better than you already are, you must do some new things, which at this point in your life, you probably have no idea how to do! This is where most people freeze or quit on their goal. They simply say “I have no idea how to do that, therefore I’ll never be good at it.” I’m asking you to suspend the requirement of knowing HOW! Realize that you’re not supposed to know HOW, you should only know “Why.”

When the Wright Brothers decided to build an airplane, they:

  1. Had no idea how to build it.
  2. When they finally built it, they had no idea how to fly it!
  3. When they learned how to fly it, they had no idea how to land it!

They simply suspended the requirement of knowing “HOW” and failed their way to success!

Whether you want to grow your company, start a business, motivate people, volunteer to work with a non-profit, run a race, lose weight, or sell to a national company for the first time….. I challenge you to start where you are, with what you have, right away, while the idea is hot. The longer you wait, the more doubt you’ll have to move forward without knowing HOW. I actually wrote a poem called “The Silent Screams of Status Quo” which summarizes the thought of this writing.

In reality, we don’t know how to do anything until we actually do it! If you’re on the east coast and you had to drive to California, would you be able to do it right now? The answer is probably YES. Do you have to know every road and turn you’re going to make to begin your drive? The answer is NO. Many people feel like they have to know every single road and turn before they get started and therefore, they never start. I’m asking you to start first and allow the HOW to develop for you!

If, like many others, there are areas in your life where you feel stuck, perhaps a call to explore options on how you can move forward could be beneficial. I’d love to help you pull out those stop signs and achieve the great things you’re meant for!


“Live your purpose”

Eric Konovalov

The Goal Guide

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  1. Anna
    June 2, 2016

    You are a great inspiration, Eric!
    Right on. Suspend the how; focus on why

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