Get in the Habit of Getting Out of your Habit!

During a Q&A session at one of my workshops a young man stood up and asked “do you believe having a routine or a habit is a good thing to do each day?” After a few seconds of thinking “I replied with “I absolutely do, as a matter of fact, we all have our habits. Some habits are helping us grow while others are hurting our potential. If you come home every day at 5:30pm, turn on your television, and watch it until you go to sleep, that’s a habit…”

We’ve all formed certain habits and disciplines in our lives and I believe the difference between the successful people and the ones who are having a tough time is their daily habits and disciplines. If you think about it, we all have the same twenty four hours per day. We all wake up, we eat, we work, we communicate with people, we all read, and we think. Certainly, there are more habits than I’ve listed here, but for the purpose of this writing, if we concentrate on the six I listed above, you’ll understand exactly what I’m speaking about!

Wake Up – I believe that most people wake up because they have to. Their alarm goes off and they hit snooze a few times to squeeze the most time out of their sleep. Then they rush to shower, get dressed, eat something quickly and get to work. Successful people wake up a few hours before everyone else. They completely control what they do with their mornings. Some habits include: thinking, reading, exercising, planning, journaling, and meditating. They have a better understanding of what they want to accomplish and most importantly how their accomplishment today will affect their lives tomorrow.

We Eat – It’s important that I explain this before continuing to food. When I say success, I mean in a certain area of a person’s life. So just because you’re successful financially doesn’t mean that you’re successful at being healthy. Conversely, just because you’re healthy doesn’t mean that you’re successful in other areas of life. When I’m speaking about food I’m focusing on being successful in the area of health. I’ll use my wife, Julia, as an example for this because she is my role model when it comes to eating. She gave birth to our two boys and has a six pack to give you an idea. Julia’s motto is “eat to live, don’t live to eat.” She has a habit of eating only the things that are good for her body. Now occasionally she has a sweet or ice cream, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, no matter how hungry she is, you will never see her at a fast food restaurant. She buys healthy foods, she cooks in a healthy way, and she made it a habit to only fuel her body with the best type of fuel. She is extremely successful in the area of health. On the other hand, many people, myself included, have a tough time saying “NO” to the foods we want instead of the foods we need. We develop a habit of stopping by McDonalds when we’re hungry and need something quick. If our habits in the area of health are hurting us, we will never be successful in that area.

We Work – Most people go to work to collect a paycheck and the craziest part is that they don’t like what they do and where they work. That’s right, the majority of our population spends most of their time disliking what they do. Their philosophy is trading their time for dollars. Successful people don’t work for a paycheck, as a matter of fact, if you ask them, they don’t work at all. They absolutely love what they do. They’re the ones that can’t wake up early enough to start their day and don’t want to go to sleep at night because they are pulled by their passion. There is something in this world we’re all passionate about. Why not find out what that is and follow it?

We Communicate – Though all of us communicate with others, there is a huge difference in what we communicate about. Many people spend most of their time communicating about movies, athlete’s statistics, sports, gossip, their past experiences, weekend plans, partying, and other people… The successful ones concentrate on growth. Though they too enjoy a sporting event and a good movie, they’re more concerned about learning new things to improve their current situation. They spend time with people who are ahead of them. They learn from them by asking questions. They communicate to improve their life and most of their communication has a purpose.

We Read – Most people read Facebook and Twitter posts. They’re interested in what everyone else is doing and in many cases become depressed. They see other’s lives as more adventurous and fun because of a snapshot of a picture and get into emotional slums because their lives don’t seem as “fun.” The successful people read to stimulate their minds and learn more about their field of interest. They read books like “Think and Grow Rich” and “As a Man Thinketh” to improve their thought process.

We Think – As a certified Executive/Life Coach I have the pleasure to listen and speak with many individuals. Though many thoughts are different, many are similar. It’s very common for people to think about how they look, whether or not others approve of them, what people said at work, random things that come to mind, and areas of life they’re not happy with.  The successful found a secret! They realize that everything physical originated in a thought. They schedule time to think and they think on purpose. They chose the topic they want to think about and they write down their thoughts.  They study their thoughts and they make their thoughts come to fruition.

If you’re not happy with where you are in life I’m going to suggest that by tweaking your daily habits and disciplines, you will experience tremendous results. The great news is that you’re half way there! Take a look at the areas of your life that you want to improve and observe the disciplines you’ve made to be your habit. If they’re hurting you more than they’re helping you, you probably already know what needs to be done!

Wishing you the best of luck my friend. By the way, if you want to develop better disciplines in your day, I have a Gift for you! Download your daily guide and start being more productive today!

“Live your purpose”

Eric Konovalov

The Goal Guide

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