Live for them because they died for you.

The weekend plans are beach and sun

Friends, bar-b-q’s, and lots of fun

Travel, Parties, end of May…

Time to celebrate Memorial Day!


We can relax, we’re safe, we’re here

We’ll grill some steaks and drink some beer

We’ll get a sun tan, tell some stories

And just go on with zero worries


What’s wrong with us? How were we taught?

We don’t remember, we forgot!

It seems like we have lost respect

And all who died are in neglect


The wild thing is, they volunteered

They cut their hair and shaved their beard

They went through training and we cheered

They went to war…and disappeared


Some of them teens, some of them fathers

Some were our friends, and some our brothers

Many husbands and some mothers

I’m sure I’m missing many others


Today my heart is filled with pain

We lost so much, with little gain

Our boys and girls who lost their life

Equal six thousand eight and forty five (6,845)

This number adds from nine / eleven

Way more have fought and gone to heaven


The question we must ask is, why?

Should we remember those who die?

What made them go and fight those wars?

Give up their homes and live outdoors

Why volunteer for combat tours?

….Because they love the U.S. shores!


The wars they fight are far away

To give us freedom every day

To let us dream, and build and play

Because of them, we have leeway


I know they’d want us to succeed

Stand up, move forward, take the lead

Bring people with us to be great

We’ll change the world if we don’t wait


So to conclude, it’s very plain

Let’s show them, they didn’t die in vain

Create a life which they fought for

God… bless all troops who died in war


“Live your purpose”

Semper Fi,

Eric Konovalov


The Goal Guide, Inc.

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  1. Vee
    May 27, 2016

    Semper Fi, my true brother.
    May Yahweh bless you every day for not sleepwalking your way through life, but living each day with purpose.

    1. Eric
      May 31, 2016

      Thank you Vee, I really appreciate your support! I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem!

  2. rob
    June 21, 2016

    Eric, “Grand Slam”
    Thank you for your service,

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