Ready, Set, GROW….Why hiring a coach could be your best decision!

Les Brown, the world renowned motivational speaker is famous for saying “YOU HAVE GREATNESS WITHIN YOU” in his very passionate voice. In a way, coaching is a process that proves that statement to be 100% correct. Isn’t that fantastic news?  After many studies people throughout history have proven that all of us have the potential to bring forth information, from our subconscious mind, to solve problems, create a path for achieving our goals, design a meaningful life, and take the necessary steps forward towards obtaining anything we truly desire.  All we need is a coach to help us dig deep and evoke the necessary data to move from our stuck state of mind. I’ll give you an example of evoking something. I’m going to ask you a question.

What color was your first car?

How was that experience for you? Did you just see a picture of your first car? Did you see the color come to your mind? How is it that you could recall that car so quickly when a second before I asked you that question you, most likely, haven’t thought of your first car in years?

You see, this is exactly how a good coach works. A coach asks you thought provoking questions which help you dig into your subconscious mind to bring forth the answers you need to move past your current state of mind. A coaching relationship is a designed union between a coach and the participant to focus solely on the participant’s agenda. If you think about the following questions, you may find that perhaps there isn’t as much time devoted to your needs as you may have thought there was previously. And you may also realize that a coach could be a valuable addition in your life as well.

  1. Is there a point during the day when you can actually say that 100% of the time is focused on you?
  2. Can you imagine a relationship with someone who is more focused on your growth than you are?

Well, that’s exactly what a coach does. In a professional coaching relationship the coach is completely focused on getting the results their client’s want. The coaching relationship is not about the coach’s knowledge, expertise, or teaching materials. It’s truly all about listening, being present, and helping the participant dig deep to find the answers we know are already within them. A coach will never judge you for the way you’re doing anything because a coach believes that everything you do has good intentions behind the action and that you’re operating to the highest capacity of your knowledge. By hiring a coach, people open doors to achieve a higher level of potential and gain a process for taking out the stop signs which are buried deep inside their minds.

In conclusion, I’d like to leave you with this thought. Everything you’ve achieved up until this point in your life, is all due to your very best thinking. If you want to achieve more, you will need to start thinking differently and on a higher level. The fact is that if you knew how to think at a higher level, you’d already be thinking there, wouldn’t you? This is one of the best reasons to partner with a coach! You will start to think at a higher level which will ultimately help you achieve more than you’ve achieved thus far!

If you’d like to explore coaching in your life, I’d love to chat with you and learn more about some of the things which are holding you back. Perhaps a quick call could be a great way to start?

“Live your purpose”

Eric Konovalov

The Goal Guide

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