"Everything you want is possible for you"
- Eric Konovalov

"Everything you want is possible for you"
- Eric Konovalov

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Eric with his wife, Julia and their children, Max and Mikey.




Eric has helped people lose weight, improve their marriage, make more money, learn to sell, and start their own business. He’s helped people realize what they’re capable of, and he’s helped set people free from their invisible shackles.

He is the coach that will always see more in you than you see in yourself. Best of all, he has the ability to show you your own greatness.


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What Industry Leaders Have To Say:

"Eric is an amazing coach who has been instrumental in helping me grow as a person and business. Eric is committed and dedicated to seeing you succeed and holding you accountable when needed. After hiring Eric we crushed our first quarter goals and we look forward to carrying the momentum into the remainder of the year!"

- Cinthia D. – Owner at Sarco Services, LLC

Eric is one of the most dynamic, inspirational sales leaders I have ever had the fortune to work with. Eric managed me in my first true sales role, and his mentorship was instrumental to helping me succeed in sales and discovering my passion in Sales Engineering / Solution Consulting. As we've stayed in touch over the years his dedication to helping sales professionals succeed has continued to inspire me. If you're ever presented with the opportunity to work with Eric, don't hesitate! You won't regret the decision.

- Dylan Klein – Senior Sales Engineer at People.ai

Our team at University Recruiters was given the opportunity to learn from, and work with Eric over the past 6 weeks. It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Eric to any individual or company that is looking to for a great mentor, motivator, and all around leader. We have all already noticed a big improvement in our individual and collective success. Eric, you're the man! Keep doing what you do.

- Josh Cullen – COO

Having Eric was a huge success at our company's year-end meeting. He was given the daunting task of speaking in front of the entire company, with employees at all levels. He took the time to learn about our company and do the necessary research and preparation to make a speech that was personalized and one that hit home for each person in one way or another regardless of their position in the company. I waited to see how the beginning of the New Year went before leaving this review. After a very successful January, I can confidently say that Eric's speech resonated in our employees resulting in an evidently focused and motivated staff. I'm excited to see all of our accomplishments for the rest of the year!

- G. M. Rahmani – Entrepreneur, Investor

Eric is simply an incredible person as well as an unbelievable life-coach. Eric broke through my fog to help me see where I was 'getting in my own way'. Because of Eric's ability to ask the right questions at the right time, I now know my path for ultimate success. Discover your path and connect with Eric TODAY!

- Michael Brost – 8th grade history teacher and advisor at Collegiate School

We truly appreciate the time you spent with us during our conference. Your leadership philosophy and words of wisdom were thoroughly enjoyed and taken to heart.
On behalf of the group, [we] can say – your stories resonated with us emotionally and provided inspiration. In fact, several leaders commented that our time with you “made [their] entire day” and was “the best part of the conference.”
We are grateful!

- Glenn Howe and Jake Nimetz – Regional Managers
Navy Fed Credit Union - Leaders’ Conference