3 Steps to Conquer Your Biggest Fear!

In the whirlwind of recent weeks, I embarked on an adventure that shattered my boundaries and redefined my understanding of fear. I took the plunge, quite literally, by going skydiving. Yes, that’s right – skydiving, my biggest fear!

Skydiving wasn’t just about the free fall or the landing for me; it was about overcoming the psychological barrier of jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane at 13,500 feet. The experience turned out to be exhilarating and not at all as terrifying as I had imagined. It left me eager for more and prompted me to reflect on how fear had held me back in other areas of my life.

I realized that many of my fears were stories I had told myself, often blown out of proportion in my mind. To help you, and perhaps myself in future endeavors, overcome such fears, I’ve distilled my experience into three actionable steps.

1. Redefine Fear: My new mantra is that fear is often an overblown story in our minds. Think about it – haven’t there been times when the actual experience of what you feared turned out to be less intimidating than you thought? It’s about breaking the cycle of fear by redefining it. This way, when fear arises, you understand it as something that seems bigger in your mind than it really is.

2. Immerse Yourself in the Right Environment: I’ve learned this by writing a book, starting a business, and running a marathon. Each of these achievements began when I surrounded myself with authors, entrepreneurs, and marathon runners. Being around people who are doing what you’re afraid of makes the act seem more attainable. It’s about finding an environment that turns the impossible into possible.

3. Find Your Tribe for Support and Accountability: Whether it’s through coaching, accountability, or simply being around like-minded individuals, a supportive tribe can fortify your belief in possibility. I experienced this firsthand when I joined a group to complete the 75 Hard Challenge. The support made the journey easier and kept me accountable.

If you’re struggling to find such a group, consider joining the Relentless Goal Achievers tribe. We’re a community of growth-minded, goal-oriented individuals, always open to helping each other reach the next level.

For more insights and to join our tribe, visit Relentless Goal Achievers Tribe. Together, let’s redefine fear and turn our biggest apprehensions into stepping stones for success!


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