4 Steps to Break Through Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you’re pretending, like at any moment someone will call you out for not knowing enough? If that sounds familiar, then you might be experiencing imposter syndrome. Eric Konovalov, founder of Relentless Goal Achievers, delves deep into this feeling that plagues many, from entrepreneurs to professionals in every field.

Imposter syndrome sneaks up on most of us. Eric vividly recalls his transition from the Marine Corps to selling orthopedic equipment. Despite his experience, he felt overwhelmed selling to top orthopedic surgeons. The thought plagued him: “Who am I? I’m just some sales guy.” Such feelings can hinder action and stunt personal growth.

So, what is imposter syndrome? Eric defines it as the feeling of not being qualified enough for the task at hand. It’s that gnawing doubt that says, “Who am I to do this?” The consequences can be crippling, causing anxiety, stress, depression, and even self-sabotage.

However, the presence of imposter syndrome can also signify growth. As Eric explains, “If you’re always pushing yourself to your next level of success, then you’re doing new things.” Think of the Wright brothers, who dared to invent the first airplane with no prior flying experience.

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome?

1. Preparation:

Whether it’s public speaking or pitching a product, thorough preparation can bolster confidence.

2. Acknowledge Achievements:

Write down everything you’re proud of. Reminding ourselves of past successes can diminish the feeling of being an imposter.

3. Recognize Growth:

Realize that if you’re feeling out of place or like an imposter, you might be in a growth zone. It’s a sign that you’re pushing boundaries and venturing into new territories.

4. Seek Inner Validation:

While having external witnesses to our achievements is crucial, Eric emphasizes self-validation. You must convince yourself of your worth.

Imposter syndrome, though daunting, is not insurmountable. If you ever feel it creeping in, remember Eric Konovalov’s words: sometimes, you don’t get rid of it. You work through it. As you push forward, always strive to live freely – in mind, body, and spirit.

Optimize your potential and break free from imposter syndrome. Remember, every expert was once a beginner.


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