From Setback to Success: How we Helped Our Son Heal and Thrive!

As a private person, I don’t often share details about my family, especially my children. But our transformative experience overcoming our son’s health challenges is a story I feel compelled to share, in the hope it may help other parents facing similar struggles.

It all began when our eldest, Max, was diagnosed with Celiac disease at age 7. Looking back, the signs were there from a much earlier age – around 2 years old, we noticed his growth and weight gain had inexplicably stalled. When we voiced our concerns, our pediatrician brushed it off, attributing it to my petite frame. But with my husband being 6-foot tall and Max’s early growth percentiles being 75th for height and 50th for weight, something was clearly amiss.

Max also started suffering from debilitating stomach pains and a picky appetite. We pleaded with pediatrician after pediatrician to investigate, but they dismissed it as typical toddler behavior. In desperation, we even resorted to forcing high-calorie foods on Max, hoping to spur his growth. Little did we know, these very foods were wreaking havoc on his already damaged digestive system.

Finally, a pediatric gastroenterologist provided the answers we’d been searching for. Max’s intestines were nearly three-quarters destroyed from undiagnosed Celiac – a heart-wrenching revelation! But the doctor assured us that with a strict gluten-free diet, his intestines could fully recover.

Diligently adhering to the diet, we witnessed Max’s stomach pains subside. Yet his growth remained painfully slow, barely budging from the 5th percentile for height and 4th for weight when he was 7-years-old. We tried every nutritional supplement and shake (literally spending $1000s on different brands and flavors), but to little avail. We were also getting discouraged with the amount of sugar and chemicals added to these shakes…they couldn’t be healthy for our baby! Until we stumbled upon a game-changing discovery.

A specialized growth system, backed by LOTS of clinical research, caught my eye. Within just 12 months of incorporating the natural protein powder shakes and gummies, Max shot up over 6 inches and gained 22 pounds! For a child who’d barely grown 2 inches and sometimes gained none to a couple of pounds per year, this was nothing short of miraculous.

Encouraged by Max’s remarkable progress, we introduced the supplements to our younger son as well, who experienced equally impressive results despite not having Celiac.

To parents navigating similar growth challenges, I urge you to explore this transformative solution. It is 100% natural, gluten free, and very low on sugar!

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Full Disclosure: we’ve been SO impressed with this growth system that we became its affiliates. We believe strongly in its ingredients and power to help kids grow!

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