Mastering LinkedIn Outreach: 4 Proven Tips to Connect and Engage with Potential B2B Clients

Navigating the professional world of LinkedIn can often leave individuals pondering on the best ways to reach out and connect. The platform may seem like a challenging space to some, especially when trying to build relationships in the B2B sector. But fear not, Eric Konovalov is here to shed light on how to effectively connect and build trust on LinkedIn.

Tip 1: Breaking the Ice on LinkedIn

The initial challenge on LinkedIn is deciding whether to send a personalized message or a straightforward connection request. Eric suggests that both methods can work effectively. For instance, when connecting with fellow veterans, a simple message like “Hey, looks like you’re a veteran in Florida. Love to connect with other veteran leaders in the community. Hope we can connect!” can be impactful. It’s personal yet not business-centric, emphasizing a person-to-person connection.

Tip 2: Building Trust and Scheduling Meetings

Once connected, the next step is to engage and establish trust. Eric highlights the importance of doing research on the person and their industry to understand their challenges. The approach should be oriented around how you can assist them rather than pushing your services. A simple shift from “I have this product” to “I understand the challenges people in your position face, and here’s how I can help” can set you apart as an expert in the field.

Tip 3: Strategic Engagement and The ‘Ask’

After the initial connection, engaging with their content can be a subtle yet effective way of staying on their radar. Liking, commenting, and sharing posts while genuinely finding interest can create a positive impression.

A few days into engaging, an introductory message can be sent: “Hey, John, thanks for connecting. It would be great to learn more about what you do. As for me, I help B2B sales teams close more deals in 90 days…” Such messages are courteous and non-invasive.

After consistent engagement, it’s time for the actual ‘ask’. A direct and succinct message such as “Hey, John, I’m reaching out to schedule a brief intro call. I’ve had tremendous success working with sales teams and would love to run an idea by you. Are you available on [this day] or [this day]?” can lead to productive conversations.

Tip 4: Authenticity is Key

Eric emphasizes that LinkedIn communication should be as natural and authentic as an in-person interaction. He encourages users to think: if you were to meet the person at a business lunch, would you say what you’ve typed in your message?

In conclusion, LinkedIn is not a platform to be placed on a pedestal but rather a space for genuine professional interaction. By being personable, engaging, and direct in your approach, you can turn LinkedIn connections into meaningful professional relationships.


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