Speaking and Workshops

Our speaking events are entertaining, emotional, inspiring, and memorable!

For Military and Veterans

Eric shares stories about leadership, connecting with people, teamwork, and growing through the scariest moments of his and his comrades’ lives. These stories help your audience better connect with their people and develop the types of relationships that forge influence and leadership within your organization.

As a Survivor of Open-Heart Surgery

Eric was lucky to find out he needed an emergency, open heart surgery, at 37 years old, before it was too late. Eric inspires the audience to enjoy their life, be grateful for everything, and to take immediate action on their ideas…because tomorrow is not guaranteed!

For Sales Leadership

Eric delivers a powerful presentation about ways to grow your sales and attract the most profitable client base. Eric has been in sales, sales leadership, and sales training since he departed from the Marines in 2007. Eric knows what it takes to get sales professionals producing at the highest level! Whether you’re experiencing a gap in your new business development, closing profitable deals, retaining great clients, or finding new business, Eric has a story that will inspire your team to take action, stand out from your competition, and sell ethically, in a profitable way.

Other Speaking Topics

  • Mindset for Success
  • How to Coach Your Team for Maximum Performance
  • Effective Communication 
  • Healthcare Topics for Providers and Staff:
  • Billing Best Practices
  • How to Increase Cash Flow
  • How to Deliver 5-Star Patient Experience
  • Improve Internal Communication and Decrease Staff Turnover


Eric Konovalov is an immigrant, refugee, who’s family fled communist Russia in the early 90’s. Though they left physically, Eric grew up seeing how his parents’ communist mindset and belief systems were behind all of their decision making, which led to struggle and lack of freedom to do what they dreamt of doing.

Eric wanted something better for his life and set out to achieve it. After spending 8 wonderful years with the United States Marines, Eric excelled in the field of sales and sales leadership.

Today, Eric’s motivation is the same as it was when he was a little kid. It’s to live free and to help others live their version of freedom as well. That’s why he founded The Goal Guide Inc, a coaching, public speaking, and training organization, focusing on helping people achieve their goals, live out their dreams, and become the most amazing version of themselves.

He is the host of Lead Sell Grow – The Human Experience Podcast, and the Author of B2B Sales Secrets.

Eric has helped people lose weight, improve their marriage, make more money, learn to sell, and start their own business. He’s helped people realize what they’re capable of, and he’s helped set people free from their invisible shackles.

He is the coach that will always see more in you than you see in yourself. Best of all, he has the ability to show you your own greatness.


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