Take Flight with DISC

Impact Your People and Culture

By learning about the Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls, people will increase self-awareness, better understand team dynamics and learn how to interact with others more effectively and compassionately. The bird styles will become a part of each individual’s daily conversations and will get infused into your cultural DNA. The birds will provide a language that sticks for years to come.

Get Results

When people understand themselves and others, they work together with confidence and speed to achieve their goals.

Boost Morale

The four styles help people generate excitement, create a positive environment, and succeed with passion and enthusiasm.

Build Relationships

Style awareness helps a team build cohesion, decrease destructive conflict, cultivate openness and develop customer & employee loyalty.

Gain Skills

While learning about the styles, people gain the ability to communicate clearly, work together efficiently and inspire excellence.

Most people leave companies because they feel they didn’t get recognized or weren’t given feedback. When the managers were asked, they were convinced that they provided sufficient feedback and recognition to their staff.
This is why Take Flight with DISC is an essential solution! We often communicate in our own preferred style, rather than the preferred style of our audience.
Take Flight with DISC is great for:
Sales professionals – learn how to quickly recognize your buyer’s buying style and speak their buying language.
Leaders – understand each team member’s communication preference and style, so that they always feel heard and appreciated.
Take Flight with DISC is a high-energy, interactive training program, designed to:

Take Flight with DISC is unique because it immediately makes the styles relatable and memorable. Individuals walk out empowered with new awareness and skills, as well as long-term utilization of the concepts and ideas from our trainings.

We offer ½ day and full day trainings, that are fun, interactive, and memorable!


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