"Eric is an amazing coach who has been instrumental in helping me grow as a person and business. Eric is committed and dedicated to seeing you succeed and holding you accountable when needed. After hiring Eric we crushed our first quarter goals and we look forward to carrying the momentum into the remainder of the year!"

- Cinthia D. – Owner at Sarco Services, LLC

Eric is one of the most dynamic, inspirational sales leaders I have ever had the fortune to work with. Eric managed me in my first true sales role, and his mentorship was instrumental to helping me succeed in sales and discovering my passion in Sales Engineering / Solution Consulting. As we've stayed in touch over the years his dedication to helping sales professionals succeed has continued to inspire me. If you're ever presented with the opportunity to work with Eric, don't hesitate! You won't regret the decision.

- Dylan Klein – Senior Sales Engineer at People.ai

I had the pleasure of working directly with Eric the past 6 weeks. Even though it was only 6 weeks, our team at University Recruiters has already seen such a vast improvement in our success and company morale. I would recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to learn from a true leader with a proven track record of success. Keep doing what you're doing Eric and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

- Steven Munoz – HCM Account Executive at Asure Software

Our company University Recruiters had the pleasure of having Eric come to our office to provide sales and leadership training, and I was incredibly impressed by Eric's ability to teach. He is a truly gifted leader, our training went above and beyond and ended up covering all facets of life along with our professional careers. Eric has an awesome outlook on just about everything, which made all of us look forward to spending time with him. He helped improve our office atmosphere and team dynamics, and I personally saw a marked increase in my own performance after working with him. I would strongly recommend Eric and his program to any individual or business looking to find ways to improve. Looking forward to having Eric back to our office in the near future.

- Kyle Maynor – Project Estimator at Chesapeake Lighting

Our team at University Recruiters was given the opportunity to learn from, and work with Eric over the past 6 weeks. It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Eric to any individual or company that is looking to for a great mentor, motivator, and all around leader. We have all already noticed a big improvement in our individual and collective success. Eric, you're the man! Keep doing what you do.

- Josh Cullen – COO

Having Eric was a huge success at our company's year-end meeting. He was given the daunting task of speaking in front of the entire company, with employees at all levels. He took the time to learn about our company and do the necessary research and preparation to make a speech that was personalized and one that hit home for each person in one way or another regardless of their position in the company. I waited to see how the beginning of the New Year went before leaving this review. After a very successful January, I can confidently say that Eric's speech resonated in our employees resulting in an evidently focused and motivated staff. I'm excited to see all of our accomplishments for the rest of the year!

- G. M. Rahmani – Entrepreneur, Investor

Over the last few months I've been fortunate to experience numerous aspects of Eric's many talents and passions. As a coach he has helped me find the motivation to begin thinking about and doing all those things that elude many of us. I've become a better father, husband, leader, teammate, and individual in every aspect of my life. But I still have a long way to go and I look forward to this journey with Eric as my coach. As a mastermind facilitator Eric has introduced me to other like minded leaders and powerful leadership concepts that I have been able to apply immediately and more importantly use to develop other leaders in my professional and personal life. As a speaker Eric presented a few leadership concepts at a corporate strategy session we had a few months ago and it was the highlight of the 3 day affair. It was so well received that Eric is now meeting with our VP for talent development to help devise some recommendations at the corporate level. Regardless of where you are in your career and life, Eric has the ability and more importantly the passion to help you achieve your maximum potential through a number of different avenues. As a leader, he's my secret weapon!

- Gregory Krupkin – Division VP, ManTech

Eric was promoted to Manager of the Maryland North Team at COS shortly after I joined the team. In a very brief amount of time, Eric took a team that was underperforming and made it into one of the top teams at Capital. His dedication to developing reps was unwavering and I consider myself extremely lucky to have learned from him during my time there. I would recommend Eric to any organization looking for a qualified Sales Manager.

- Matt Cooper – Director of Sales, Easter U.S.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Eric and the Swiss Post team for several years now. Since the beginning of our partnership, they have focused on constantly increasing their service levels while helping us operate with more efficiency. As a true partner, Eric’s team constantly listens and aligns their services to help us meet our goals and objectives. I highly recommend Eric and Swiss Post Solutions to anyone who is looking for an innovative partner with their clients’ interests in mind!

- Tonie R. Davis III- Operations Manager at Mayer Brown LLP

Eric-A huge thank you for being the guest speaker this morning at Rotary.
Your presentation was inspirational and, for me personally, was a wake up call as it relates to the relationship I want with my adult children.
I think you are great at what you do and I wanted you to know you were appreciated by ALL in the room, especially me.

- Teresa - Rotary

We truly appreciate the time you spent with us during our conference. Your leadership philosophy and words of wisdom were thoroughly enjoyed and taken to heart.
On behalf of the group, I think I can say – your stories resonated with us emotionally and provided inspiration. In fact, several leaders commented that our time with you “made [their] entire day” and was “the best part of the conference.”
We are grateful!

- Navy Fed- regional leaders’ conference
Glenn Howe and Jake Nimetz – Regional Managers

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