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We teach people how to think, sell, lead, and communicate most effectively to achieve all their goals! We do it through speaking engagements, coaching, and corporate trainings. We want to empower everyone to develop meaningful connections with others, based on their personality style, and simplify sales and leadership, so anyone with any background can be successful! We understand that your business and your situation is unique. That’s why most of our coaching and training programs are customized based on your specific, organizational needs!


Eric Konovalov


Eric is the founder of The Goal Guide, a renowned training organization specializing in sales, leadership, communication, and mindset. He is also the creator of Relentless Goal Achievers, a private group coaching community for business leaders from around the world.

Despite humble beginnings as a refugee from the former USSR, he proudly served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 8 years, with several deployments and earning numerous awards. After transitioning to civilian life, Eric excelled in sales and leadership roles, consistently surpassing revenue goals and earning accolades.

Motivated to share his expertise, Eric founded The Goal Guide in 2015 to provide coaching and training services to entrepreneurs and sales organizations worldwide. With a strong foundation in personal development and leadership training, he empowers teams to achieve their goals and has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results. Eric’s journey from a challenging beginnings to entrepreneurial success positions him as an inspiring mentor and industry leader, capable of guiding others towards their own great achievements.

Eric’s Passion and Expertise:


Whether one-on-one or in a coaching group, Eric loves to work with individuals who feel “stuck” and helps them break free from their self-limiting beliefs and achieve their next versions of themselves.

Sales & Leadership Training

Eric incorporates his personal experience and numerous certifications in sales and leadership to deliver unique solutions to businesses and their sales teams. He combines on-going, customized training, with business coaching, to help individuals achieve remarkable growth and exceed revenue targets.

Eric’s Additional Accomplishments:

Corporate Trainer



Together, we can unlock the full potential of effective communication and achieve remarkable outcomes!

Your Expert Guide to Effective Communication and Business Growth

Julia joined The Goal Guide in January of 2022, bringing with her nearly 20 years of experience in sales and healthcare consulting. Specializing in the business side of healthcare, Julia has a proven track record of helping medical practices prosper and grow.

Julia now leads the Corporate Training and Healthcare division for The Goal Guide.  

Julia’s Passion and Expertise:

Transforming Workplaces

Julia is passionate about teaching people how to communicate effectively. Her expertise in communication helps eliminate workplace drama and high turnover, resulting in increased productivity, profits, and teamwork. Her training is engaging, memorable, and immediately implementable!

Delivering 5-star Experience

Julia incorporates all her experience as a consultant into a unique training for businesses and healthcare practices on how to deliver 5-star service to their clients and patients. This training helps businesses and medical practices see huge increases in their reviews and new referrals!


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